Dottli App

Dottli App

Dottli helps people with diabetes by understanding that just treating the symptoms is not enough.

Instead, we focus on improving the overall wellbeing of our users and remove the stigma of having an illness.

We have just launched a new version of the app which will enable accelerated growth and best in field user experience.

From darkness into the light

Our fellows in the diabetes tribe are able to enjoy life, live to their fullest potential. Abundance instead of austerity, tempered with responsibility.

Key features


The users are able to commit to fun, easy to pick up goals which help them improve their overall wellbeing. These can either come in-house or be created by third parties.

Dottli App - Goals view

My data

The user is able to track critical diabetes metrics in a beautiful, actionable and fun way.

Dottli App - Today view


The users are able to connect safely and help each other keep track of their progress and send alerts if there are lapses.

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Living with diabetes means that we take great care of ourselves

We commit to a lifestyle which actually is also applicable and useful to people without the condition. In a way, since we have to be aware on what happens in our bodies and what we put in them we are funnily more wellbeing conscious than most. We bring everyone together and help them improve.