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Dottli is a platform which provides companies who cater to people with chronic conditions a tested, state of the art method to help their customers.

Dottli Cloud

Dottli provides fine-grained and user friendly control of access to personal health data per data type & per service provider.

No data is shared without explicit consumer consent. AI and professionals can work on the health data as allowed by users. Service providers can offer health products and services based on AI and data mining as allowed by users

App as a Service

We lower the barriers of creating life changing digital products for people with chronic conditions by offering an easy way to customise and launch your own.

Just use our SDK and our experts to insert your needs, your brand and launch.

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Dottli for diabetes

A new way to solve diabetes with our app, with a robust monetisation model and scalability.

The concept scales to all chronic conditions and can be adopted by a wide range of collaborators from medical companies to device manufacturers and to governmental and public entities.

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Dottli App