peer support for diabetes

Peer support – 5 + 1 places where to find it

Peer support plays an important role in my life. It reminds me of the positive effects diabetes can have. Meeting people who understand my condition relieves my stress about diabetes and makes it easier to cope with. The feeling of not being alone is a warm one indeed. But where can a freshly diagnosed diabetic find peer support? I made a list of five items to help you search for peers both in the real world and on the net.

  1. Each country has its own diabetes association. Most often the purpose of those associations is to guard the rights of diabetics and organise peer support. You should search for your own country’s diabetes association. The associations often arrange local meetings around the nation and some even offer diabetes support persons for your aid.
  1. Sometimes it can be a bit of a threshold to just go to a peer meeting. It can be easier to go for a run or hike with fellow diabetics. Some countries have online communities dedicated for diabetics with a certain hobby. See Connected in Motion, which is a community for diabetics who like outdoor activities (they have great videos!). Similar communities may be found in your country. Or maybe start one together with your local diabetes association?
  1. Online groups. There are several traditional diabetes forums to be found around the net, like this one. Facebook also has a lot of discussion groups and probably in every language, so be sure to search for them. I like forums because it is easier to search for discussion threads concerning a certain subject. FB groups easily become a never-ending stream of duplicate threads.
  1. Search for blogs and Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest feeds on diabetes. It can also be empowering just to read about others’ views on diabetes. If you just like reading and watching, search with hashtags. We use #t1d, #type1diabetes and #diabeticlife, but there are many others and also country specific hashtags, like #diabetesuk or #diabetesfi.
  1. If you have a diabetes related question in mind and want to ask in anonymously, you can use JDRF’s Get Support function. You just type in some background information and your question and their volunteers will answer you! Of course, they won’t provide any medical assistance, but will answer questions about what it is to live with diabetes.

And one extra tip for peer support!

+1. Grassroots peer support! When you do find some diabetic friends, you can suggest sharing your logged diabetes values in messenger styled chat. Dottli’s app does the sharing automatically and it can really help to motivate you to take better care of yourself. I wrote a blog post about grassroots peer support earlier, you can view it here.

– Miika