Looking for a Freestyle Libre app? Dottli can scan it for you!

Dottli is an app you can combine with your activity trackers, smart scales, blood glucose meters and most recently, Freestyle Libre.

Freestyle Libre app DottliFreestyle Libre is a continuous glucose monitoring system, which means it can help you track your blood glucose levels better than using normal BG meters. Normal meters require a drop of blood, but Libre is a sensor which sticks to your left arm. You keep it in place for two weeks and during that time, you can use your phone’s NFC feature to scan your BG levels.

Dottli is a Freestyle Libre app that does so much more!

Dottli is an app where you can log all the values related to your health, not just diabetes-related values. Sure, you can log blood glucose, meal carbohydrates and insulin doses, but you can also log steps, weight, activity, sleep and basically everything you can think of. You can even create your own value to log!

Dottli is also linkable with a host of tracking devices so it is possible to automate a lot of the loggings. But the best part is, you can invite your friend, coach, family member or a fellow diabetic to join you in Dottli’s messenger-type chat. And you can decide which of the logged values gets shared automatically to that chat. So when you scan with Freestyle Libre, your chat channel friend sees a trend graph with your latest three hours of BG levels!

A messenger designed for diabetics

When two or more diabetics share their values with each other in Dottli app, it can be a very empowering experience. To see how your friend’s BG levels are compared to yours can give you a sense of relief. I love checking the morning values of my friends and throwing a cheering comment every now and then. I feel this kind of value sharing is an interesting way to experience peer support at an every day, every moment level. I like to coin it “grassroots peer support”, and with Freestyle Libre, it gets even better!

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And hey, I made a guide video on how to install Libre sensor and use it with Dottli app. Check it below! If you are looking for a Freestyle Libre app, give Dottli a spin.

– Miika

The writer is one of the diabetics at Dottli.