Good Mood Diabetes – the small moments of success

“Aw yea! A full night of sleep with optimal BG levels!”

Diabetes or no diabetes, the days of our lives are filled with small moments that can brighten our mood if we are perceptive enough to notice them. I call those rays of sunshine as something that brings me ”Good Mood Diabetes”. Living life as a type 1 diabetic, the positive rays can be scarce at times, but when you do finally find them, they can be rewarding. Here is what I often find to be my ”Good Mood Diabetes” signs.

Perfect after meal value

This one I get almost every day at at least one meal. My BG value isn’t necessarily top notch, but my estimation was correct and BG value was at least somewhat good!

Carb Estimation success - Good Mood Diabetes|Dottli Diabetes Blog

Carb estimation success! Yeah!

The cannula works like a dream

These occurrences tend to be a lot more rare than I would like. But boy, it is always a good 3 days when the cannula hits “the sweet spot”. Rotating the injection sites at at least 4 different locations seems to help a lot. Finding the sweet spot is actually a bit more than just a little ray of sunshine, it lifts my mood a lot.

Cannula trendline - Good Mood Diabetes|Dottli Diabetes Blog

Look at that straight line, that’s 12 hours!

A1C has improved since last time

Oh this is a really Good Mood Diabetes factor. When it happens, I usually tell all my closest diabetic friends and family. Maybe I even do a little victory dance!

Dottli App for Diabetes - Good Mood Diabetes | Dottli Diabetes Blog

Dottli has helped me and a lot of others improve our A1C.

Exercise without a hypoglycemia

My BG usually rises through the roof after exercise, but during it, the hypo risk is always there. Good preparation and having some carbs really helps avoiding hypos during exercise. When you nail it, it feels good. And if you manage to counter those post-exercise highs, even better!

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Next time you experience a moment like those above, try appreciating the moment. It might boost the positive effect of the little ray of sunshine! 🙂

– Miika