Fitbit + Dottli equals great insight into your well-being

Did you know you can automatically track your sleep and exercise with Dottli and Fitbit? Earlier in the summer I started using Fitbit Flex 2 activity bracelet with Dottli app. My daily walking goal has been 10 000 steps and 7 hours of sleep. On the days I miss those goals, my BG levels tend to climb a bit higher than normal.

Fitbit activity bracelet and Dottli app make a great combo!

Fitbit activity bracelet and Dottli app make a great combo!

Fitbit + Dottli = diabetes in better balance

It has been interesting to track my sleep and activity. Both of them have a great impact on my diabetes. All of the data gathered by the activity bracelet is automatically logged into Dottli app. It is nice to compare how my most active days and median blood glucose levels tend to have a correlation. Like I wrote in my earlier blog post, I’ve been diagnosed with both type 1 diabetes and metabolic syndrome, which is pretty much the same as type 2 diabetes. Living with metabolic syndrome means that having a lazy day reflects instantly to my bg levels. Staying active is a key element in my diabetes self care. And sleep is another one. If I sleep poorly, I tend to eat more during the day and resisting the allure of sweets is much harder when tired.

I like having a bracelet which is really unnoticeable in my wrist, lasts for 2-3 days and charges fast. The data it gathers gives me insight on things that really have an impact on my well being. With Dottli, I can compare that data to my diabetes-related loggings and become more aware. If I have moved a little bit less and my BG levels are off, I can quickly connect the dots and take better control of my diabetes(es).

– Miika