A social hub

You’ll never walk alone towards your health goals

Chat about your goals and achievements with your peers and family. Get help, return favors and motivate others. Cloud intelligence analyzes data for you. Get real- time feedback from Dottli and peers.

Selective sharing

It’s your data, use it as you wish

Select what you share and with whom you share it. Compare data with friends even if devices are different. Dottli is compliant with EU and Finnish privacy laws.

A hub for health devices

Track your trackers in one place

Always use the apps and devices that suit you best. Bring together data from fitness and health apps. Compare health data from various devices.

Secure storing

A personal health record that is always with you

From country to country, and from doctor to doctor, your data is always available. It’s your own record, not a record by an institution. Keep any data: docs, pics, PDFs, app & device data. Dottli brings boring health data to life.