Four new year resolutions for a diabetic

Ah, the smell of a fresh new year! Another cycle full of moments waiting to be seized! Traditionally many of us make a resolution on how to better our lives. I, too, have made my share of resolutions over the years. I had solemnly sworn to never eat candy again, lose half of my excess weight and run a half-marathon. Needless to say, none of them happened. The thing about new year resolutions is that if you start reaching for the moon, you are bound to fall down. Trying to uphold a large life change is really hard. That’s why all the gyms are filled with people in the beginning of the year, but a month later things are back to normal.

But I can share you in on a secret to a successful resolution! Like all great things, it is a simple one: make it concrete, a tangible resolution. So instead of saying “I will start exercising”, say “I will move one additional hour each week”. Change “I will eat healthy” to “I will eat salad at lunch and dinner” or something similar. Start with a small decision and once you have made it work, take up another challenge.

But what about diabetes? Could our resolutions be linked to taking better care of our dear companion? Something small, tangible and easily doable? For sure! Here are a few suggestions for a new year’s diabetes resolution:

1. I will measure my BG always before and after a warm meal

You can log them on Dottli and analyse them later on with the trend reports!

2. I will check my injection sites and feet every two weeks

Mark the times to your calendar and thus increase your chances of succeeding!

3. I will switch my cannula after two days

Sticking with the thing even for 4 days is my bad habit. Your sites stay in better condition and recover more fast if you change the set more often.

4. I will attend a peer support meeting at least once

If you haven’t yet, you should give it a chance. You might be surprised of the effects it can have on your well-being. Just look up your local diabetes association and ask them for information on meetings.
That’s it! Whatever you end up deciding, just remember to be merciful. Your diabetes resolution doesn’t have to end when you fail for the first time. Just pick it right up again. All the best to your 2017, let’s make this year great!

– Miika