Cotton candy carb estimation and bolusing accident

Accidental over bolusing means giving yourself too much insulin due to a carbohydrate estimation error. It can happen in an instant and sometimes it really scares me to think how close I have been of making a horrible mistake.

A few summers back I was with my friends at an amusement park. We were having a great time and enjoying the great atmosphere of the day. At some point I spotted a vendor selling cotton candy. I hadn’t eaten one in almost a decade so I decided to buy one.

Being a good diabetic, I measured my BG level before purchasing the cone. My blood glucose was at a steady 8.5, which is a very good midday value. Then I quickly eyed the very large cone of cotton candy and MISTAKENLY thought it might have even 80 grams of carbs. Then I bolused 8 units of insulin and started waiting for my insulin pump to dose it in. One of my diabetic friends casually asked me how much I had bolused. Oh how I lucked out, because after hearing my response, my friend practically freaked out! She asked me if I was crazy and didn’t I know a cone of cotton candy has only a tablespoon’s measure of sugar.

I hadn’t known and had overestimated the carb count by a large margin! Cotton candy is mostly air, so the size and the sweetness can really fool you. Once I realised my mistake, I quickly cancelled the remaining bolus dosing and bought a sugary drink from a vendor.

The incident gave me a scare but sadly it wasn’t the only time I’ve had an accidental over bolusing. Sometimes my body can quickly change the way it reacts to insulin. I’ve had situations where, for some reason, the insulin I took for supper suddenly starts to work so much more efficiently than it had worked earlier. Usually my body warns me of an incoming hypo in time, but I always get a small feeling of dread. These things really shouldn’t happen. Thankfully it’s been a long time since my last carb counting error and I have never had a hypo where I would have needed the help of others. Just got to keep my head with me!

Have you had any accidents with over bolusing for some reason? Share your experiences in the comments section!