How to pick up healthy habits after summer holiday?

Where did my healthy habits go? I had a long summer holiday during which I slept in and didn’t really watch my diet. The whole spring I was able to withstand eating sugary treats, but when my holiday started, I succumbed. The daily routines…
Hiking with T1D

Hiking and type 1 diabetes

When I was in high school, we did a 5-day hiking trip to Lapland. They say that once you visit the Finnish Lapland, it steals your heart. That’s what happened to me and for a very long time I wished I could go back there and hike for days…

5 Ways type 1 diabetes has made my life better

Type 1 Diabetes isn't a very good life companion. It can be very stressful and taxing to constantly treat yourself. You can't get a holiday from diabetes and the complications of untreated t1d can be severe. Diabetes treatment is expensive and…
Dottli Diabetes Motivation to take care

How to find motivation to take better care of yourself?

Motivation to take better care of myself is something that I searched for a lot in my twenties. Eventually I did find it and it improved the quality of my life substantially. I was diagnosed with T1D when I was 17 years old. I’m soon turning…