gift ideas for a Type 1 Diabetic

5 + 1 Great gift ideas for a type 1 diabetic

Are you thinking about gift ideas for a type 1 diabetic friend? Coming up with gift ideas for our loved ones is always hard! But for us type 1 diabetics, there is hope! We made a list of five + one gift ideas that can delight or be of use to…
Lifestyle change with diabetes

Lifestyle change after double diabetes diagnosis

When does a person decide it’s time for a lifestyle change? What is the trigger that finally causes action? For me, it was when my endo told me I’m developing a type 2 diabetes. “That’s crazy, I thought! A type 1 can’t be a type 2!”. Or…
secret to long life with diabetes

The Secret to Long life with Diabetes

Living with type 1 diabetes is hard for sure, but it’s not all struggle and one can unlock the secrets to live a long life with diabetes. There are periods lasting up to several hours when I don’t think about my diabetes. So it’s not constantly…
peer support for diabetes

Peer support – 5 + 1 places where to find it

Peer support plays an important role in my life. It reminds me of the positive effects diabetes can have. Meeting people who understand my condition relieves my stress about diabetes and makes it easier to cope with. The feeling of not being…